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HB Pastels

This is a very old line of IFGA quality HB pastels.  They originated in the 1980s from stock obtained from Vic Piteo in about 1980.  They were then raised by Frank Chang and John Zielinski, and Joe Rankin before I started working with them about 1988.  HB pastels were first imported into the US from Germany in about 1968 by Midge Hill and Glenn Parrish of the Pan Pacific Guppy Association.  I usually only keep a few tanks of them, but this year I decided to raise enough to show seriously.  These fish have very thick body shape and are very long lived.  They are slow growing however, reaching show size at 10 to 12 months of age.

This is the Grand sire of the fish in the following video.  All of my male HB pastel males now carry his Y chromosome.